Tuesday Quick Picks

You will all be happy to know that this post won’t feature one single picture of my new grandson Cole Jonathan. But his appearance has made a significant impact on my life, in more ways than one.

Since learning that he was born early Sunday morning, I have been on the run. I believe the way I can be of the most help is to take care of Cole’s two sisters so that Mom and Dad can become acquainted with little mister, and perhaps catch up on some sleep. But the kids have been keeping me in constant acceleration, and I’m certain I have it rougher than Mom and Dad. Well, except for the whole surgery thing and sleeping on a futon on which scads of sweaty dads have slept before. Whatevah……

After dropping the girls off at the hospital late yesterday afternoon, I took a little time to visit one of our newly-opened Trader Joe’s stores. Trader Joe’s has been hesitant to come to Colorado because of our alcohol laws. In Colorado, only one store in any chain can sell alcohol. Since Trader Joe’s relies heavily on their wine sales – and particularly their well-known and mostly-loved trademark wine affectionately known as Two Buck Chuck – it has taken some time to get them here, but here they are. The store I visited was not the store that had the wine, and it was frankly a little strange to see a Two-Buck-Chuckless TJ’s.

I took my time, roaming around and seeing what kinds of things were available. I was particularly interested in buying something yummy to make for dinner last night that was simple and quick. I was frankly too tired to cook.

What I found was a ready-made ravioli filled with arugula and parmigiano reggiano – a nice change-up from the typical spinach. I also bought a bottle of Trader Joe’s spaghetti sauce – a delicious roasted garlic tomato sauce. In 10 minutes time, I had a delicious meal in front of me. That, with a glass of red wine and a quick salad, made me very happy.

ravioli and sauce


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Quick Picks

  1. I like your Quick Picks! Where is your TJ s located? Did the arugula have the same bite in the ravioli that it has in salad? Yum!

    • Yes, only one of the stores in the state can sell alcohol. One Kroger, one Target, one Trader Joe’s, etc. I’m hoping the law changes sometime soon.

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