Saturday Smile: On With the Show

One of the things I miss most when we are in Arizona is seeing the grandkids in their school activities. We hit the ground running and were able — in a single day — to see Maggie Faith (two weeks short of being 6) and 11-year-old Adelaide in school programs.

Maggie’s kindergarten class put on a dance performance, featuring such greats as the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide. Maggie performed perfectly. We could see her faithfully counting as she danced. Maggie is in the front row on the right.

maggie program

Addie’s fifth grade class performed an opera that was a crazy version of the Revolutionary War story featuring Sam Adams and Paul Revere. Or, as they called it, the Revol – oops- tionary War. The clever fifth graders wrote the play themselves, including the lyrics to the music. In addition to being Lady Liberty, Addie was the stage director — a perfect fit for this first-born. Addie is also on the right.

addie program


Here are the two stars of the shows after the events were both completed…..

addie maggie


Have a good weekend.