Saturday Smile: You Gotta Eat Something!

20140423_092139We’re getting ready to go back to Colorado, so this will be the last Saturday Smile that involves my great nephew Austin Joseph Jensen, at least for a while. He’s one funny little 3-year-old dude, and I think he will always make me laugh.

The other night I had Bec, Maggie , Austin and Lilly over for fried chicken, Swiss macs, creamed corn and dinner rolls. It was oh-so-yummy.

Throughout the dinner, Maggie tried to talk Austin into eating something.

“Would you like some chicken Austin?” she said.

“No thanks,” was his firm but polite response.

He continued to play on my IPAD. A bit later Maggie said, “Austin, would you like some macaroni and cheese?”

“No,” he replied, again patiently but firmly.

“But you really like Aunt Kris’ macaroni and cheese,” Maggie pleaded.

“NO,” was the even firmer response.

He played some more.

“Austin, would you like some of this creamed corn, or maybe a roll? You LOVE bread,” said Mommy, sounding quite desperate by this time. The child must eat something, after all.

“No thanks Mommy,” he said, not even looking up from the IPAD.

I quietly told Maggie that I had some Greek blueberry yogurt. He loves blueberry yogurt.

“Austin, would you like some blueberry yogurt?” Maggie said.

“Yes,” came his surprising response.

He came to the table, sat in the chair, looked at the yogurt sitting in front of him, and said, “FINALLY!”

Have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: You Gotta Eat Something!

  1. I tell people that Austin has more personality in his little finger than I do in my whole body! Maybe that’s 3 year olds for you. Love him!

  2. I thought Austin ate everything! Nice to hear he can be a little picky once in a while! He is so adorable!

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