Wascally Wabbit

croppedI had one of those bolt-up-in-bed moments a week or so ago when something popped into my head that I hadn’t thought about in 45 years.

Every Easter, Gloor’s Bakery sold bunny cakes.

I texted my brother.

“Remember Dad’s bunny cakes?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he responded. “But in my mind they are mom’s bunny cakes. I remember doing the jelly beans and colored toothpick faces under her guidance.”


I texted Jen.

“Do you remember that we sold bunny cakes at the bakery at Easter?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “Mom was very enthusiastic about her bunny cakes at Easter time.”


The reason that surprises me is that Mom generally didn’t get particularly enthusiastic about bakery holiday rigamarole. And she heartily disliked cake decorating. And yet she apparently liked making these bunny cakes. Who would have guessed?

They were very cute, and we sold a whole lot of bunny cakes every Easter as I recall. They were decorated and stored in the freezer. I remember opening the freezer door and having 15 or 20 pairs of jelly bean eyes staring back at me.

I asked Bill if he would be interested in trying to recreate the bunny cake. He agreed and that’s how we spent yesterday morning.

Here’s a tutorial. Don’t expect miracles. I am not Ree Drummond.

I baked a two layer white cake. I chose to use a cake mix since I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I baked it the night before and put the two layers in the freezer so they would be easier to work with….

two cakes

I cut one of the cake layers in half, and stood each half upright for the bunny’s back….

put together


I cut ends from the second layer, then cut them in half to use for the bunny’s head and tail….

head and tail

Bill did a lot of sculpting. I don’t remember my mom doing any sculpting…..

glued together

I iced the cake and covered it in sweetened coconut. At this point it looks like a 1956 Chevy that has been left out in a snow storm. No rabbit resemblance….

old buick snow

Aha! Add a pair of cardboard ears and the whole world changes…..

taking shape


A couple of toothpicks and some jelly bean eyes and nose, and you have yourself a reasonable looking rabbit. Bill constructed the white picket fence. He simply can’t stop himself…

ta da 3

The final result….

ta da 4

Nana’s Notes: I am very satisfied with my end product, but I am quite certain Mom did no sculpting, so I’m not sure how she made the head and tail. Bec and/or Dave will know, and will tell me. I also think my bunny ended up bigger than the ones we sold at the bakery. That likely has something to do with my head and tail.



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  1. Mom put a big cotton ball for the tail. So her head was bigger. I remember when they would fill the showcase with the bunnies it looked adorable. They really did make Mom happy! Our family really did enjoy the Easter holiday. 🐇💐

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