Here Comes the Bride

Wong familyOn a beautiful spring evening in a gorgeous outdoor garden, the Most Reverend (well not really, but certainly the most likeable) Bill McLain married Kacy and David Wong. Again.

As I mentioned several days ago, Kacy and David actually married several years ago in a very small ceremony in front of a justice of the peace. Saturday night, they renewed their vows in a spectacular celebration of their love. Bill McLain ably presided.

And it was a good excuse for a party.

Family and friends gathered together to hear Kacy and David renew their vows, accompanied by their three sweetie-pie daughters – Ava, Jenna, and Lexie, who served as flower girls. Well, actually it would be fair to say kacy jessie brookethat only Ava walked down the aisle sprinkling the path with rose blossoms. Lexie, who is only 1-1/2, was carried by maid-of-honor Jessie, and 3-year-old Jenna had to be coaxed from her hiding place behind the plastic plant by her Mimi (my sister-in-law Sami). And by coaxing I mean physically lifted up and carried down the aisle. Our beautiful Jenna does not like the spotlight, thank you very much.

The entire celebration was so much fun. It was informal, yet elegant. And I have to admit it’s the only wedding I have attended where the usher was 6 years old. And extraordinarily handsome. As the ceremony began, Noah’s daddy Christopher told him, “Noah, you walk Aunt Beckie down the aisle, and then you hustle back. Then you walk Aunt Kris down the aisle and you hustle back. Then you walk Aunt Jen down the aisle and you hustle back.” Well my friends, he did it masterfully. And when you’re 6, hustling back means a full-out run. Good thing he was wearing sneakers with his tux.

kacy noah

Kacy with Usher Extraordinaire Noah.

Kacy’s dress was beautiful and perfect for her tiny little self.

I’m beginning to sound like a fashion page editor and I’m not liking it one little bit. And yet I feel compelled to explain just how pretty it all was. The garden was filled with flowers and candlelight. Eventually music and laughter and food was added to the mix.

And you can call it a good day when you see my brother in a tux. And dancing with his little girl to Tim McGraw’s My Little Girl, and knowing that the words ring entirely true.

dave sami

Sami and Dave prior to the wedding.

Now it’s back to the real world for us all.






3 graces

Bill calls us “The Three Graces.” I think his tongue is placed firmly in his cheek.


Brooke, Christopher, Kacy, and Jessie. Aren't they gorgeous?

Brooke, Christopher, Kacy, and Jessie. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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