Little of This, Little of That

This and ThatWe have a wedding in our family to add to the plethora of celebrations we have enjoyed while in Arizona this winter. My readers have joined us at celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, St. Paddy’s Day, Mardi Gras, and more birthdays. It’s fun to celebrate something a bit different.

The wedding is that of my niece Kacy and her husband David. Yes, I said her husband. They actually were married in a very small ceremony a couple of years ago, but Kacy and David wanted a chance to celebrate their marriage with friends and family, so that’s what we’re doing. The marriage ceremony will be Saturday.

My brother and sister-in-law are hosting a rehearsal dinner tonight. They are calling it a rehearsal dinner because it’s a dinner following the rehearsal. In reality, it’s another excuse for a party. Lots of food and family and certainly a lot of fun.

Since my sister-in-law Sami has a lot going on with getting ready for the rehearsal dinner,Bec the wedding, working, and making the beautiful wreaths that she sells through her Etsy account, I offered to take care of desserts. She had the idea of offering a variety of small, bite-sized yummies instead of one big dessert. Well, I took her idea and ran with it.

The first thing I did was call in reinforcements. Namely, Bec and Maggie. And, of course, Pinterest. You can find anything on Pinterest. So I began “pinning” recipes for tiny little desserts of all kinds, and Bec and Maggie did the same. We found miniature cannoli and miniature baklava and miniature chocolate cream pies.  We pinned recipes for chocolate caramel pies and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and banana cream pies. ALL THE SIZE OF A MINI CUPCAKE PAN.

Of course, our baking day – yesterday – was the hottest day of the year so far. Dangerously close to 100 degrees. Between my overworked oven and my air conditioner that hasn’t been turned on for a year, the appliances were doing a lot of huffing and puffing. I think everything is still in one piece. The oven might be the most tired.

lillyAustin and Lilly joined in the fun. Well, actually Austin spent most of the afternoon back in the bedroom in his designated “secret hideout” which, to most of us, would be under the chair. Give him a secret hideout and my Ipad and he’s happy. Lilly watched from her little chair, but every so often made it known that she was not that happy to not be the center of attention. We just kept telling her Grammie was coming for the wedding so just be patient. You will be the center very soon.

The results were awesome, if I must say so myself. Bill was the self-designated taste tester, and he gave totally of himself and tried every single variety. The man just gives and gives. I, of course, had to look but not taste because of the whole giving-up-sweets for Lent.

We received his seal of approval.

This evening we will have to set up the dessert table sometime either before the rehearsal or after, because, you see, Bill is the presider at the wedding.Maggie

He asks me to call him Pastor Bill, despite the fact that he doesn’t even have one of those internet ministerial licenses. Doesn’t need it, especially because they’re already married.

Life is definitely different from when I was young but one things stays the same.

Cannoli are scrumptious, whether they’re full sized or mini. Or so I’m told….. The whole Lent thing you know.

Nana’s Notes: We ended up with almost 450 little pieces of 11 or 12 different varieties. Yee haw.



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