A Matter of Time

20140329_192334Bill and I were driving down Brown Road in Mesa on Saturday. As we passed Red Mountain High School, we noticed they were hosting their annual Red Mountain High School Mountain Lion Carnival.

Time travel flashback, BIG TIME.

I made Bill stop the car so that we could take a look-see. It wasn’t hard to convince him, as this is the man who decided we should attend a circus in Honfleur, France, when we were there in 2008. This man likes to be entertained.

Here’s where the flashback came in. Every year at the end of July, my home town – being the county seat – hosts the Platte County Fair. When I was growing up, it was a big deal for the whole county, as there typically wasn’t a lot to do.

So every year when the fair was in town, my mom and dad would take all of their kids to the fair.

Here were the rules:

We only went at night because, well for heaven’s sake, the lights are so pretty. There’s nothing like the lights of a ferris wheel in the dark.

Mom WOULD NOT BE ACCOMPANYING US on the rides. No way, Jose. Wasn’t going to happen. If we needed an escort, it might be Dad, but more than likely would be Bec.

The only games we could play were those that were not games of chance. In other words, no tossing balls at milk cans, only picking up ducks that have numbers on their butt that correlate with some sort of prize. It didn’t matter if the prize was only a pencil. If Dad was going to fork over a quarter, his kids were going to have something to show for it.

Man we loved the Platte County Fair.

Well, most of the Gloor kids anyway. Three-fourths of them.

Now let me just tell you a bit about the Gloor kids. While Bec – then and now – would not hesitate to bungee jump from Mount Everest, the rest of us are big fat chickens. Still, Jen and I would swallow hard and ride the tilt-a-whirl or the ferris wheel, despite the apparent GRAVE danger. We were game as long as we didn’t go upside down. We trusted in God and Mom to keep us safe.

Then there was Dave. I don’t think he even rode the merry-go-round because the horses might somehow become unattached and fall off the platform. As for anything that left the ground, it was a no-go. “It’s just a matter of time,” he would say, as he still does. A matter of time to what? Why, plummet, of course.

Bill and I wandered a bit around the carnival Saturday, not chancing any of the rides ourselves. Neither Bill nor I would even consider considering riding this danger trap…


Much prettier in the dark (yes, we went back to see the lights at night)….


The tilt-a-whirl always made me throw up. That, too, was a no-go….


But the people-watching was great. In particular, I found the people staffing the booths – the carnies – to be fascinating. I can’t imagine their life. While they get to see a lot of the United States, judging from the looks of it, dental benefits aren’t part of their comprehensive benefits package.

Now that wasn’t very nice. I’m sure they don’t envy my life either. Probably never yearned to be a corporate communicator when they grew up, even if it allowed me to keep my teeth. You don’t really need teeth to eat cotton candy.

I just have to tell one more tale on my brother. He won’t mind because he tells it himself.

Once when the fair was in town, my mother somehow roped my father into taking my brother – who admittedly was fairly young at the time – to the fair during the afternoon. Hardly anyone was there so they had the rides mostly to themselves. Somehow my father was able to persuade my brother to ride the BABY roller coaster. Well, Friends, once the BABY roller coaster got going, my brother was so frightened that he screamed each time he would pass by my father, “Make them stop this this ride.” You know, the BABY roller coaster. Finally, my father gave in and talked the ride operator into stopping the ride so that his son could disembark. I’m sure the operator was thrilled. I know my dad was.

But, after all, it was just a matter of time.

Here is a picture of the baby roller coaster at this weekend’s carnival….


Perhaps the one at our County Fair was scarier……


This week I’m going to show you how you can cook an entire meal — from appetizers to dessert — on the grill. Being able to cook on the grill is critical in Arizona, especially in the spring and summer when it is really too hot to fire up the oven.

We’ll start with an appetizer — one that happens to be one of my husband’s favorites.

20140330_172738Grilled Chicken Livers Wrapped in Bacon


12 fresh chicken livers, halved

1 t. seasoned salt

12 slices of bacon, cut in half


Preheat your grill.

Sprinkle each ½ chicken liver with seasoned salt to taste. Wrap ½ slice bacon around each chicken piece and fasten with a toothpick. Place on grill. Grill for 5 to 7 minutes. Turn pieces over and grill another 5 to 7 minutes, or until livers are cooked through and no longer pink inside. Serve hot.

Nana’s Notes: While these were on the grill, Bill said to me, “Chicken livers wrapped in bacon really are my favorite appetizer.” Shame on me for taking 21-1/2 years to make them for him. They were simple and so delicious. They are now my favorite appetizer too.


3 thoughts on “A Matter of Time

  1. I’m going to try this recipe on Bj some night as we’ve been debating recently if he would like chicken livers. The bacon likely will seal the deal. Love remembering those funny stories about Bro. Remember the time we were getting ready to ride the log ride in Disney World and we called him and told him that? He responded with complete sincerity, please just come home. And we were in our forties at that time!

  2. May I point out that orally challenged operator is the same guy who puts the ride together and his pal ol Jethro is the inspector. You all enjoy
    Just a matter of time.

  3. Your comments on the fair really take me back to that matter of time! I loved Dave’s comments. And I love it when you are all together…….it’s only a matter of time before the wildest wisecracker is apparent. You’re always so much fun and Bill is the icing on the cake! Love to each of you!

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