The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

imagesIt’s that time of year again, folks. The season of losing my mind.

As you are all aware, Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year. It used to be that we were happy if it didn’t start until after Thanksgiving. Nowadays we’re happy if it doesn’t start until after Halloween. Pretty soon it will be 4th of July.

I’m not going to complain about Christmas season starting earlier. I’ll leave that to others. I, for one, am in the camp of enjoying Christmas music earlier. Heck, I would enjoy it all year long if I could (without people thinking I’m nuts). And Bill and I experience our holiday season a bit differently than most. Because we leave for AZ on Christmas Day, we really celebrate the holiday – at least the secular holiday – the few days before Christmas. I spend Christmas Eve Day every year being the Grinch; that is, I’m taking down my Christmas trees. For that reason, I always put them up on Thanksgiving Day. It gives me a chance to have the grandkids help me decorate my Angel Tree.

It used to be that if I had my Christmas shopping finished by December 14 (my birthday), I was deeply satisfied. I always posted my Christmas cards that day as well. Now, of course, the Christmas card ship has sailed, at least for me. I haven’t sent cards in years, and only get a few as a result, mostly pictures of my great nieces and nephews, which I love. Christmas cards are for the young and not cynical. If I DID send out Christmas cards, they would say Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays. So there.

Because I have been seeing the Christmas ads for several weeks now, I have been FREAKING OUT because I hadn’t started my shopping. I couldn’t shop in AZ, because then I would just have had to bring the gifts home. So I sat down at my computer yesterday, and began my shopping.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am one of those who does nearly all of my shopping by computer. Last year I’m pretty sure I did it all via one dot com or another. And it is my hope that I can do that this year as well. I’m not agoraphobic, or even terribly antisocial. I just hate looking for parking places. I don’t know the technical term for a parking-place-looking phobia.

Yesterday Bill and I went to Costco after church to get some things for Thanksgiving. You know, Thanksgiving. That holiday that falls the day before Black Friday. Anyhoo, I needed to get some peanut oil in which to fry one of our turkeys. (We will have two, lest Court’s first attempt ever at turkey frying is a horrible fail. In the past, we have eaten at Dave and Jll’s, but they are scattering this year, leaving us floundering and trying to figure out how to replicate their always-delicious fried turkey.) Well, it hadn’t occurred to me that other people might be at Costco buying their turkeys and other accoutrements for Thanksgiving. Not just “other people.” EVERY OTHER PERSON IN SOUTHEAST DENVER.

“It probably isn’t a good idea to go to Costco right after church,” I told Bill.

“You mean because of all of the cussing and negative thoughts?” Bill asked me pointedly.

Yep. Because of that.

Well, there’s a bit of snow on the ground here and Christmas music is playing on our easy listening station. So in my mind, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Now I just have to go check on my Thanksgiving turkeys.

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  1. King Soopers was crazy busy yesterday morning too. I took my fall decorations down this weekend but ran out of steam before I got out the Christmas boxes. So now my house looks like I’m a Thanksgiving grinch. 🍁🎄🍂

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