Saturday Smile: I Feel Like Dancing, Yeah

Two things…

First. Von Miller. Dancing With the Stars. Bliss. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Second. I got my hair cut this week. That in and of itself makes me happy. But during the course of my haircut, my stylist Erika and I began talking about food, as we often do. We were discussing our extreme fondness for Mexican food in general, and tacos in particular. Addiction is how Erika described her relationship with tacos. And she told me something she saw on Facebook that made me laugh.

Taco Fact #47
Tacos are healthier than methamphetamine. 

Good to know. It’s something anyway.

I’ll leave you with this.

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: I Feel Like Dancing, Yeah

  1. I’m not sure that Von’s dance move is going to segue well into the Viennese waltz but let’s go with that thought anyway!

  2. Tacos vs methamphetamine? I am going to tuck that away for the next time I am stuck and need something interesting to say at a party.

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