Thursday Thoughts: The Wednesday Edition

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am giving you my Thursday Thoughts a day early, and am not creative enough to change the name.

A Toothy Matter
Monday when we all went climbing (don’t you like how I make it sound like I climbed too?), the first thing some of the kids did was use the bathroom. A few minutes later, Dagny came out of the bathroom with a piece of paper towel rolled in a ball. “Nana, will you hold this for me?” she asked. I agreed to hold it and asked her what it was. “My tooth,” she said. “I just pulled it in the bathroom and I don’t want to lose it.” Well, then. It remained safely tucked into the pocket of my jeans for the remainder of the day until we joined them for dinner. I never actually looked at it, because she described in great detail the sheer unattractiveness of it. And, by the way, no tooth fairy for Dagny. She told me she’s saving all her teeth. I’m not sure why. Perhaps one day when she is a famous-something-or-other (which she undoubtedly will be), the teeth will sell on Ebay for a great sum of money.

Dagny's tooth

Dagny’s tooth is wrapped up somewhere in that paper towel.

Another Toothy Matter
Dagny wasn’t alone in her tooth misery. Yesterday afternoon Bill and I were eating lunch. Chicken wings were on our menu. We were enjoying them immensely when suddenly Bill made a funny sound and spit out a crown that had come off in his mouth. Whaaaaat? Two days before Thanksgiving? That’s bad luck. I offered to carry it in my pocket in a paper towel, but he declined my offer. The tooth is currently temporarily glued back on and a dentist appointment is scheduled.

Half a Cow

Top - uncooked prime rib roast; Bottom - roasted and sliced and ready to eat!

Top – uncooked prime rib roast; Bottom – roasted and sliced and ready to eat!

Since we are being visited by the Vermont McLains, I offered to cook dinner for the whole fam damily on Tuesday night. And because I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to serve a prime rib dinner. Yes, my friends, a mere two days before Thanksgiving, we sat down en masse to eat half a cow. Twelve pounds of deliciousness. And a cooking adventure only two days before the cooking-adventure-of-the-year that is Thanksgiving. Call me crazy, but don’t forget to call me to dinner. (Bada bing!) And, by the way, it’s only a couple of times a year that every single solitary one of my grandkids are under one roof, and last night was one of those nights. My heart is full of happiness as I watch them play together. And play they did, taking only a break for dinner. Then they played some more until, one by one, they began sidling up to their respective parents and looking ready for bed.

Last Last Shop
My sister Bec and I have a running Thanksgiving joke. We do what we always call our “last grocery shop” for preparation of Thanksgiving dinner. And then we do another “last shop” and then another and another. We will text each other and say we are doing our fourth “last shop.” So yesterday morning, I did what I hope is my last last shop, and I’m not sorry about that. The grocery stores were nuts, as they always are the days just prior to Thanksgiving. We went to Costco on Sunday during the Bronco game because we thought it would be quieter. No such luck. Apparently everyone had the same idea. And the shopping carts at Costco are huge and it appeared everyone left their common sense at home because there were innumerable instances of blocked aisles as people looked at books or Christmas decorations or pumpkin pies. But I tried to be patient. Patience, unfortunately, is not one of my virtues.

I won’t be posting a blog tomorrow in honor of Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, your friends and family, and be thankful for all of our gifts. Happy Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: The Wednesday Edition

  1. I went shopping Saturday night after mass thinking people would be out for dinner or on a date. Nope. It was crazy. What’s up with people leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle? 😳 People, STOP doing that!

  2. It’s the amateurs.! We pro grocery shoppers know the drill. And I have done my Tuesday night “last shop” for produce and flowers….unless I need something later today. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I’ll be at Josh and Carrie’s and my four darling great grandchildren. And, with Jody (who just yesterday made it safely home from Israel😍) and Craig. Happy times are abundant among us all! Love your blog.

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