Thursday Thoughts

The other night when Kaiya and Mylee had their sleepover, we went out for pizza. While we waited for the pizza to be served, Kaiya had my cell phone and was googling images of various things, primarily insects. At one point she brought up an image of a black widow spider and asked me if I knew what it was. I impressed her heartily by being able to name the displayed critter. I suggested she google tarantula, which she did. She proclaimed that she thought the furry spider was cute and not a bit scary. “I’m not scared of spiders,” she proudly proclaimed. However, when I dropped them off at their house following our Children’s Museum adventure on Wednesday, there were a couple of daddy long legs on the side of the porch, minding their own business. Hysteria from both girls ensued. Such hysteria, in fact, that I was unable to convince them that spiders had a right to live outdoors, and it necessitated my stomping my foot on the side of the house to kill them (the spiders, not the girls). So much for no fear of spiders. While I heartily dislike most insects, spiders don’t particularly bother me. Well, unless they are of the black widow or tarantula variety.

Hello Rex
handsome rex
Since my computer updated its operating system to Windows 10 a while back, I have sort of stumbled around trying to figure out how to do the simplest things. The other night, Kaiya was fooling around a bit on my computer, and I wasn’t paying much attention. Wednesday afternoon when I turned on my computer, instead of finding the expected display background of a photo of my grandkids, there was a huge picture of Bill’s father when he somewhere in the neighborhood of 21 years old staring me in the face. It was one of the photos in the box of old pictures that we recently received, and I had scanned it and it lived somewhere on my computer. It was quite startling, and more so because I had no idea how to get rid of it and put something in its place. Like a picture of the grandkids. It took me a long time to make the change, but I am no longer greeted by a picture of Rex. Handsome as he was, it isn’t what I want to look at each day when I turn on my computer.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
The morning following Kaiya’s and Mylee’s sleepover (which was the same morning that I was awakened by Mylee at 4:45), I was rushing to get them dressed, teeth brushed, etc. at the same time that I was getting ready. We were headed to the Children’s Museum. Sometime during the getting-ready process, Bill mentioned that I had something white on my lip. I quickly forgot that he said anything. Later that day, following the morning at the museum and lunch at Panda Express, I happened to lick my lips. I tasted mint. Apparently I had been running around with a large glob of toothpaste on my lip the entire morning and into the afternoon. Perhaps it would behoove me to actually look in a mirror on occasion. Would it have killed Kaiya to point it out to me? She doesn’t miss anything else!

On the Road Again
We leave tomorrow for a fairly quick trip to Arizona. We usually go in October to open up the house. This year Jen beat us there, and whipped things into shape last week. But it will still be nice to see everyone and get somewhat settled in. We will fly back, leaving our car there so that we don’t have to drive on Christmas day when we will return to Arizona for our 4-month winter stay. My plan is to continue posting each day, but if you don’t hear from me, don’t worry – you will soon!



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  1. That’s hilarious that you turned in your computer and Rex was staring back at you!
    I may have whipped our AZ house into shape but not our yard. We need our yard guy to come stat. Poor Bill!

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