I Waited, But No One Dressed Me Today

downton-abbey-christmas-special-2013-1Sunday evening, Bill innocently asked me, “Would you like to watch a movie tonight?” I think the look of horror on my face surprised him. He may as well have asked me, “Would you like to go out tonight and feed baby kittens to the coyotes?”

After all, Sunday night was the Season 5 premiere of Downton Abbey. I had been waiting for 10 months. I wasn’t going to wait one day more.

The Arizona PBS station shows Downton Abbey one hour earlier than the Colorado PBS station. So I texted Jen that afternoon this message: Since I will see Downton Abbey before you, I will let you know if the Season 5 opening scene is Carson and Mrs. Hughes in bed together.

Crikey, she texted me back. It was good to see she was already getting into her British personna.

Four years ago I had never heard of Downton Abbey. Jen is the one who told me about it. “I think you and Bill would like it.”

She was half right. Bill is fascinated that I love it so much, but he simply isn’t one bit interested. And he learned his lesson before Season 3 started when he, reading from a news app on his IPad, offhandedly said, “Oh, I see a Matthew dies in a car crash in the last show of this Downton Abbey season.”

Oh no, he didn’t just tell me that!

Now he keeps his mouth shut should he learn any spoilers. Knowing about Matthew’s imminent death prior to the season even started ruined the season for me. It KILLED me knowing that all the romance was for nought.

Now, of course, if you haven’t heard of Downton Abbey, you must live in a yurt in the Himalayas. You probably don’t hum Pharrell Williams’ Happy in your sleep either.

Anyway, it looks to be a good year where we await the answer to some important questions….

Is this the season when Lord Grantham learns to drive a car?
Will Lady Grantham break with tradition and wear shorts to dinner?
Will Thomas find Jesus and spend his spare time in prayer instead of lurking on the stairs and sneaking up on Baxter, scaring the crap out of her?
Will Mr. Bates go a season without murdering someone?
Will the dowager Lady Violet resign her position on the Garden Committee to spend more time improving her hip hop dancing skills?
Will Edith find a husband ( oh, yeah, that might actually happen)?

All I can tell you is that it’s good to have Robert and Cora back in my living room.

9 thoughts on “I Waited, But No One Dressed Me Today

  1. When I grow up, I want to be Cora. And then Lady Violet. I might start having my grandchildren call me Grandmama. With a British accent.

  2. Erik and I were both so excited for the season premiere. I love that Erik loves this show. And we watched the manners show afterwards. Seriously, I truly want two things if I had unlimited funds: 1. someone to make (or purchase) all my clothes and 2. someone to dress me. Although, with my personality that would last all of a day.

    I loved the first episode and commented to Erik that even with some characters leaving…specifically Matthew, they have done a great job keeping the great stories going.

    I love Mary’s decision…not for the actual decision itself, but for what it represents – the ability of an adult woman to make her own decisions…a sign of what’s to come I’m sure.

    Downton On!

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