Saturday Smile: Backyard Sun Play

There is nothing that makes me more joyful than watching and listening to my various grandchildren play in my back yard on a sunny summer day. And throw in a great-niece and a great-nephew, and my cup runneth over!

This past Thursday, Addie and Magnolia joined Kaiya and Mylee playing at our house. The splash pool was set up, the sand box was uncovered, and the games began. About noon, they were joined by visitors. My niece Maggie, who is visiting from Arizona, arrived with 3-year-old Austin and 5-month-old Lilly to join in the festivities.

The kids had a blast. Here are Magnolia, Mylee, and Austin playing in the fort….

maggie mylee austin

My Saturday smile came, however, sometime mid-morning when I was putting sunscreen on all of them (And let me just say that I am reading now that spray-on sunscreen is supposedly unsafe; however, you will have to pry it out of my hands in order to get me to go back to the lotion. Hold your breath sweet ones as I spray!)

I wasn’t sure if Addie and Magnolia had sunscreen already on, so I asked Magnolia if she needed sunscreen.

She literally rolled her eyes, and in her best Valley Girl voice, she said, “Um, no? It’s a back yard…..”

I guess you are exempt from sunburn in a back yard. Who knew?

Have a good weekend.


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  1. We had a wonderful time too!! Austin and Mylee really hit it off…well until they didn’t:) I loved seeing all the kids and Aunt Kris made us a wonderful dinner! Thank you again. Xxoo

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